Gundogan is without a doubt, one of Turkey’s rising star villages. Sitting on the western coast in among other towns and villages of the Bodrum peninsula. Many are Turks from big, bustling cities who want a summer retreat offering a much slower pace of life.

Gundogan is a pretty holiday town located between Yalikavak and Turkbuku, on the middle north coast of Bodrum peninsula. Once a small fishing town, the resort today is a popular holiday resort and famous for its heavenly cove, mandarin gardens and crystal clear waters. The ancient name of the town is Farilya and the town is one of the most oldest settlement area of the peninsula. It is possible to see the old rock tombs on the hills.

The centre of the village formerly called Farilya keeps a rural, traditional charm but as to be expected from a coastal resort, the seaside is the social meeting point of the community.

Naturally, as a seaside location, the nightlife in Gundogan means grabbing a front row seat, in one of the many seaside restaurants. Serving a variety of fresh fish and seafood, as well as Turkish cuisine, the protocol focuses on sit down meals, with good company, fine wine and a fantastic view of the sun setting over the Aegean

One area of Gundogan that is seeing rising popularity is Kucukbuk, meaning “Small Bay” on the outskirts. Prices of Gundogan property in this area offer excellent value for money per square meterage, and there are usually some good bargains close to the beach.

Gündoğan, which is 25 km away from the center of Bodrum, is one of the favorite holiday centers of recent years with its historical town and beach. Gündoğan is a fishing village with a beach, clear sea and greenery.

The fisherman’s shelter where fishermen and yachts anchor adds color to the beach. In recent years, summer residents have flocked to the area around the village. Fortunately, the houses of the town surrounded by olive, tangerine, banana, pomegranate and pine trees could not be touched.

The old and new owners preserved this texture. In the summer months, the wind blowing at all hours of the day brings relief to those who live here or spend their holidays. When the wind is abundant, surfing enthusiasts flock to it. If it is day, stop by Gündoğan market to see diversity of food.

Rugs, runners, wicker and vases are among the local handicrafts. Moreover, it is considered cheap compared to other parts of the peninsula. A little above the town, rock tombs are hidden in the rocky-volcanic area where interesting rock shapes can be observed.

You should go out with a guide or participate in trekking tours organized by travel agencies. As the day sets, you cannot get enough of Gündoğan’s view.

Those who want to spend the evening here flock to the fish restaurants on the beach. There are restaurants and cafes to suit every taste and every budget. Boat tour and Apostol Island trip You can take a daily boat trip in Gündoğan, or you can go to the island, which is 15 minutes away by boat.

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