Today’s Konacık Town was established in Gölbaşı by three shepherds coming from Horasan in 1050 and the settlement was moved from here to Çırkan Village due to sea transportation and security.With most of the activity concentrated on businesses thriving on each side of the main road running through it, today’s Konacik is mainly a commercial suburb.

Konacik location right on the arterial road connecting Bodrum with the peninsula’s other population centers and it is in great demand by investors by virtue of its proximity to Bodrum. Once the city of Lelegs, the heroic inhabitants of Pedasa, today’s Konacik is steadily expanding, with the development of business premises along the main road there

Konacık, which was a village legal entity until 1999, became a municipality in 1999.The total area of ​​the town is 700 hectares. Konacık is physically the continuation of the Bodrum district settlement and the settlement is 4 km away from Bodrum center.

There is Bodrum in the east, Bitez and Gümbet in the south, Ortakent in the west and Göltürkbükü in the north. Konacık, which does not have a coastline as a land, was established in an undulating morphology.

Within the settlement boundaries, the highest point is 200 m and the lowest point is 30 m. There are sloping areas in the eastern and northern parts that exceed 20%. The population distribution of the town is 80% immigration.

Town residents generally serve in the tourism sector. In general, there are businesses that support logistics in the same sector.

Due to the fact that it is the closest town to Bodrum as a settlement, the town, which shows a continuous and rapid growth, is also on the main transportation artery to other towns. Its cultural structure also varies for the same reasons. Economic investments are concentrated in Konacık in the Bodrum Peninsula

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