Kredi ve Mortgage

Mortgage means a real estate (real estate) loan given in return for a long-term mortgage. In other words, the Mortgage is used to buy a property, and the property purchased in return is mortgaged. Mortgage is colloquially known as a mortgage loan, but in fact there are many types of mortgage other than mortgage loans. Mortgage types according to the usage purpose are as follows.

1. Housing Loan Housing loan is actually a type of mortgage provided for housing (residential) financing. It allows families to own a home by paying loan installments as if paying rent with a long-term mortgage loan.

2. Workplace Loan It is used in the purchases of workplace, office, workshop or commercial real estate.

3. Land Loan It is used for financing the land, field and garden.

4. Refinancing / Restructuring Loan / Housing Loan Debt Transfer

It allows the existing mortgage loan to be replaced with more favorable interest and maturity conditions. The existing housing loan is closed and a new loan is used. Housing loan interest rates vary in markets according to the cost of funds, supply and demand balance; Loan restructuring allows you to pay lower interest rates, especially when interest rates fall. Most suitable bank

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