Torba is one of the closest bays of the peninsula to the center. Only 6 km away. The pines are snuggled as far as the coast here, even though the fire a few years ago caused great damage, the green still dominates.

The northern direction of the Bodrum Peninsula is greener as it receives more humid winds, and the south side is more arid, so maquis are dominant.

Torba is a calm and cute settlement. The only ruins that have survived until today are 4-5. It is a monastery dating back to the 19th century.

Since the bay is closed, the sea does not fluctuate even on days when the wind blows hardest. A large holiday village, qualified and small hotels and restaurants are lined up along the beach.

The beach that starts at the end of the ferry pier and ends at the marina allows easy access to the sea.

The sea is shallow and clear. For those looking for a holiday in a calm and quiet environment

Torba is a popular holiday town located on the north east coast of Bodrum peninsula. It is one the closest resort to central Bodrum. Torba is situated on a beautiful cove and surrounded with green lands full of pine and olive trees. As the resort is located on a protected cove so that even on the windy days, the cove and the beach is always calm.

The beach in Torba is beautiful, shallow and clear one. You can enjoy the sea at Torba beach and explore the area by walking along the coast.

The Torba Bay, which is one of the rare forest areas in Bodrum, is mostly preferred with the holidaymakers who seek peace and calm in lush green nature, pine trees and azure clean sea.

You can also take part in daily boat tours from Torba and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding bays and coves.

Torba has the best cycling, hiking and trekking trails on the Bodrum peninsula. For outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts, we highly recommend trekking and cycling in the magnificent nature of Torba.

Bodrum Dolphin Park

Located in Guvercinlik bay, about 17 km. from Torba, Bodrum Dolphin Park is a fantastic dolphin park and therapy center where you can watch, meet and swim with the dolphins. Dolphing shows are amazing that you’ll watch their great performances and take photos and videos during the shows.

Covering an area 4,000 square meters on the sea surface, and with a capacity of 300 seats, you’ll have a great and fun day out along the four dolphin pools with 4 dolphins (Afalina). The park also has quality restaurants, cafes and a beach club.

Nearby Sights

On the hills, you’ll find a small building of 2,500 years of age and also a 4th century Byzantium Monastery along the east of the cove.

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